Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

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If you are a beginner looking to get into tennis, selecting the best tennis racket is crucial. Choosing the perfect tennis racket for beginners can be overwhelming, with many options. But don’t worry; all top tennis rackets are highlighted on this platform.

The most crucial factor when picking a tennis racket for beginners is the weight and grip size. A lightweight racket with a comfortable grip size is good for newbies as it will help them generate more swing speed and maneuverability. Additionally, a giant head will provide a more prominent sweet spot, making it easier for beginners to hit the ball.

Top Three Pick:

The best tennis racket for beginners is Kid’s Tennis Racquet by Head Instinct. The Head Instinct MP is a fantastic value for growing junior players and intermediates seeking a decent balance of power and maneuverability with a more comfortable feel than other comparable racquets.

Another excellent option for beginners is Dunlop Sports FX Team Pre-Strung Tennis Racket. This is the ideal option for a player at the primary level searching for a comfortable and powerful racquet. The racquet has a 100-square-inch head, a comfortable weight of 10.7 ounces, and an expanded 16×19 string pattern that aids in producing power and spin. So join the Dunlop FX Team 285 on the courts now!

If you can afford one, the excellent choice for beginners is the Large Sweet Spot and Powerful Head Graphene Laser Oversized Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet. This is a perfect lightweight racquet with an oversize head to aid starting advanced players in finding the sweet spot and graphene technology. Using Velocity Multifilament String for pre-stringing improves the on-court experience.

Selecting the right tennis racket for beginners can be overwhelming, but with the proper guidance and knowledge, you can find the perfect racket that suits your needs. The best options available in the market provide excellent stability, control, power, and maneuverability to help beginners grow their skills and enjoy playing tennis even more.

List Here Of The Top 10 Tennis Racket For Beginners

The top tennis racquets available today for beginners are listed below, along with instructions on picking the ideal racquet for you. We’ll help you discover the perfect racquet, whether you want to learn the game or try it.

The suggestions made here are based on more than 20 years of tennis play, racquet testing, and coaching of players of all skill levels.

Top 10 beginner tennis racquets before we get into more depth about each racquet below.

1. WILSON Sporting Goods Tennis Racket-For juniors eager to up their game, this frame is well worth a serious look.

2. Pre-Strung Tennis Racket from Dunlop Sports FX– It provides players with a dependable weapon for the game by finding the ideal balance between power and comfort.

3. Tennis racket made of HEAD Metallix Spark Tour secrecy-This racket made use of sensors to adjust the required power and, in doing so, suppressed nearly half of the vibrations to enable comfortable play.

4. Tachiuwa Kids Junior Tennis Racquet for Novices-It is appropriate for beginning tennis instruction, workouts, and competition.

5.27-inch Super Compact Tennis Racquets for Student, Training-The grip on this tennis racket makes it simple to control, reduces racket tremors, and guards against hand injuries.

6. HEAD Instinct Kids Tennis Racquet-For youngsters ages four and older who are just starting in the sport, the Instinct Junior 21 Inch Pre-Strung tennis racquet is excellent.

7. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket-The Ti. Conquest is a great tennis racket for adult beginners who have a slight swing and want greater control.

8. STIGA Tournament-Quality Titan Table Tennis Racket-The STIGA Titan table tennis racket is well-designed for tournament play. It is excellent for competitors looking to improve their table tennis game.

9. Oversized Head Graphene Laser Tennis Racquet-A great, lightweight racquet with Graphene technology and an oversized head to make it easier for intermediate and beginner players to find the sweet spot.

10. Tennis rackets by Wilson for adults-This tennis racket for adults features an all-steel shaft and frame, heavy-duty nylon strings, and a dimpled leather grip.


A decent tennis racket may help you improve your game, especially if you’re starting. In another case, a bad one can highlight your flaws and injure you in the future if you’re not cautious. Therefore, it’s critical to choose one that corresponds to your degree of expertise. 

The main objective is finding anything to assist you as a novice in adjusting to the power you need to strike the ball. This entails selecting a suitable racket to hold and operate, frequently influenced by the string tension, racket size, and grip.

The rackets of Best Tennis Racket For Beginners listed here are suggestions for summertime leisure players who plan to play a few times. These rackets are head-heavy, have huge heads, and are lightweight. All of these elements assist new players in playing successfully. These rackets’ big heads make good contact with the ball simpler and provide you more room for mistakes because the stringbed is wider. As a result, it is more sturdy for off-center hits.

The rackets mentioned in this article are very stiff. While a frame with increased flex will result in less power and, as a result, more control for a player, a stiffer racket will return more power or energy to the ball. Focusing on Stiffness is unnecessary because most of it is a matter of taste. Although it is generally agreed upon that a stiffer structure is tougher on the arm, this is not unambiguous.

Anyone learning the game should start with a racket with five strings. They are not starter strings per se because many expert players also use them, but they are soft, comfortable for the arm, long-lasting, and affordable. You will receive an unstrung racket if you choose one of the ones I’ve highlighted, the Best Tennis Racket For Beginners, below. The majority of sellers, however, allow you to select a string and will string it for you before it arrives.

WILSON Sporting Goods Blade Feel Tennis Racket


This Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has dedicated more than a century to developing and marketing goods that inspire tennis players worldwide, regardless of the setting, to reach their full potential. Wilson, a crucial component of more than 500 Grand Slams, pushes the boundaries of innovation to give athletes championship-caliber gear and a winning mindset. It creates tennis gear with unrelenting devotion for athletes of all ages, playing styles, and skill levels. Wilson decides to focus more on his goods than anything else. This company exists to help individuals make and be a part of priceless experiences.

The Blade Feel draws inspiration from Wilson’s competitive Blade series and appeals to maturing juniors with a combination of playability, feel, and design. A combined graphite and aluminum structure makes this racket firm and elastic, giving it a dominating feel on every stroke. Thanks to its crisp and exciting appearance, this frame is worth a serious look for youngsters eager to up their game.

Wilson offers a variety of tennis racquet models. Each model has several types, each with size, weight, and other characteristics. All of this information is provided here. The most well-liked tennis racquet made by Wilson is the Blade. For every skill level, they give a variant.

Ideal Frame

Tennis elbow sufferers may appreciate its comfy frame. But, without giving up too much power, this racquet boasts an outstanding balance of control, feel, and ease.

Flexfeel Technology

The Blade’s FlexFeel innovation helps players feel the ball on the strings. The ball observes something in the bed of strings for a moment before reacting. This facilitates spin and stability.

Specific Design

For those looking for a traditional tennis racquet with a pleasant feel, I suggest the Wilson Blade. Players in both singles and doubles will appreciate the excellent balance between command and spin with a very high degree of comfort.


This racquet has several variations for various game types and ability levels. However, the racket is worth considering for beginners because of its uniqueness.


  • Five variations for every ability level.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Excellent feel and control with groundstrokes.
  • Extremely steady against pace.
  • Best Tennis Racket For Beginners


  • Some versions lack power.
  • There are better options for experts.
  • Expensive.

Dunlop Sports FX Team Pre-Strung Tennis Racket 


Due to its pre-strung nature and excellent blend of power, control, and comfort characteristics, the Dunlop Team 285-270 is a fantastic value and a perfect way to start playing tennis right away.

Basic Parameters

The most recent version of the Dunlop FX 500 combines a 100 in2 head with an open 1619 string structure, weighs 11.2 ounces when strung, and has a swing weight of 314 that is entirely controllable. Additional features include a thicker adjustable beam of 23 mm at the neck, 26 mm at both ends of the Head, and 23 mm at the top of the frame, as well as a higher-end rigidity rating of 71.

Suitable Head-size

At 100 square inches, the head size combines power and control with a forgiving sweet spot. The open string design offers a lively feel and is easier to spin when combined with the head size. The weight should be simpler to control for comfortable serves, rapid net play, and quick changes in the heat of a game while preserving adequate mass for a massive return of serves and outstanding depth on big swings because it is somewhat lighter than normal. Its un-strung headlight balance improves its maneuverability.


The main technology that Dunlop has included in the components that make up the racquet improves the aforementioned physical qualities of the frame. HM6 Carbon creates a more powerful, lightweight, and agile racquet by adding a honeycomb pattern to the graphite framework.

Ideal Choice Of Players

When combined with the key technologies, Team 285-270 is a straightforward suggestion for new players searching for a racquet to develop and more seasoned players seeking a balanced and forgiving frame to improve their game. The pre-strung condition and affordable pricing should make your decision even simpler.


  • High power levels.
  • Reasonable weight.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Ability to reduce shock and vibration.


  • The stability of the frame is weak.
  • It provides less control.
  • Not Budget Friendly.

HEAD Metallix Spark Tour Stealth Tennis Racket

The world’s greatest tennis racquets are produced by Head, along with some of the greatest quality tennis equipment. Tennis racquets are available for juniors, professionals like Novak Djokovic, and beginners. Head manufactures tennis racquets in a variety of variants. Various variations within each model vary in size, weight, and string arrangement.


One of the unique head rackets is HEAD Metallix Spark Tour Stealth Tennis Racket. A significantly more vital substance is produced using a specially developed crystalline metal alloy with grains that are 1000 times smaller than those of conventional metals. According to the Hall-Petch Effect, stronger materials have smaller grains. As a result, a lighter, stronger, and more powerful racquet is the end product.


One of the lightweight and sturdiest materials, Metallix, is used in the MX Spark Tour by HEAD. The grain size of this crystalline alloy is 1000 times smaller than that of ordinary metal, improving efficiency and giving it a stronger and more sturdy feel. With an average weight of 9.7 ounces, the 100 Square Inch Head size balances power and control.

Basic Parameters

The Head is 645 cm2 in size to produce more energy. Its 275g weight and 33cm balance provide better maneuverability, allowing you to accelerate more quickly and experience higher power and impact.

Specific Design

The new Head MX Spark tennis racket is everything you’ve ever wanted in a tennis racket and is ideal for casual players. Metallix technology increases the racquet’s lightweight and makes it a faster, more potent model. Additionally, you will have enhanced power and control when using it. 

Arcore Technology.

The Best Tennis Racket For Beginners is made specifically for casual or beginners who want a racquet that handles well and is as comfortable as possible. Your first steps on the court should be with the SPARK TOUR.


  • Simple to swing
  • A lighter racquet designed for players.
  • Excellent maneuverability, powerful, and spinnable.
  • Allows for fast improvement.


  • Expensive than most beginner racquets
  • Not for high-level intermediate players
  • Difficult to maneuver at the net.

Tachiuwa Kids Junior Tennis Racket for Beginners


This tennis racket, appropriate for kids, has excellent construction and helps players perform at their peak on the pitch. Depending on your child’s height and skill level, 


This model is persistent and highly robust because the entire frame is constructed of aluminum alloy, which is strong and lightweight. It is convenient to carry and has an O-shaped design. Your child won’t have difficulty swinging the racket and delivering the ideal service because of its light. This tennis racket tops our list because of its incredible build and superb frame strength.

Basic Parameters 

You can select Various sizes, ranging from 19 to 95 inches. It includes a sizable sweet spot if you miss the ball, thanks to the enormous frame size of 95 square inches. It weighs 220g and has a slow swing. The average racket measures 58 cm (23 inches) in length and 26 cm (10 inches) in width. It uses a 16*19 threading method. 


It also has an excellent headlamp balance to lessen vibrations when the ball strikes its net. Despite the ball’s weight and impact energy, this ensures the racket stays steady during the entire game.

Shock-absorbing Capacity

This racket minimizes vibrations and delays fatigue due to the shock-absorbing function. It has an extra-large grip that provides excellent control and helps prevent palm perspiration. Additionally, the strings are sufficiently taut to produce the appropriate re-bounce for damaging hits. Consequently, it aids in children’s development of stroke mechanics and techniques.

Versatile Use 

Excellent for both indoor and outdoor play. It improves beginners’ hand-eye coordination, kids’ responsiveness, and physical wellness. It is ideal for short trips, the beach, a park, or your backyard—this racquet is for severe novices who want the best chance to advance their tennis game.


  • Excellent control racquet for beginners.
  • Enables rapid improvement
  • Larger head size and increased length give more power
  • The most flexible and comfy racquet for beginners.


  • Not suitable for intermediate players.
  • It could be a better racquet to improve your game.
  • Expensive than most beginner racquets.

Pilipane 27-inch Super Lighter Tennis Racquets for Instruction

Start your child young in a sport they can continue playing until adulthood. Their particularly sized children’s racket is simple for youngsters to use and aids in developing sound fundamentals.


This racket has a top PVC Protective Coil, Nylon Racket Wire, Aluminium Alloy Racket Frame, and PU Handle. The racket’s material construction makes it lightweight and manageable. This racket is, therefore, suitable for novices because of its sturdy, light composition.

Basic Parameters

The racket weighs 328g (11.6oz) in gross weight. The racket is around 58.5 x 25.5 cm (23 x 10.0 in) in length and width. The length of the racket is 23 inches. The surface area of a racket is 95 square inches. It uses a 16 x 19 threading method. The swing speed of this racket is slow.

Features of Rackets

The grip on this tennis racket makes it simple to control, reduces racket vibration, and guards against hand injuries. You can perform effective drops and lobs when the strings are appropriately tensioned. Particularly appropriate for leisure or beginning teenager/adult players.

Protective Mechanism 

Only 328g, the racket is incredibly lightweight but strong. A heavier racquet usually makes your muscles sore and keeps you from practicing for as long as you want. On the other hand, beginners are likelier to develop a keen interest and confidence in playing tennis if they use a lighter racquet that is easy to grasp and swing.

Perfect beginning

Choose a child’s tennis racket that is the ideal size for your child’s ergonomics by measuring their reach. Then, ensure they have a good time.

Package Contains

This pair of tennis rackets includes one tennis racquet and one storage bag. When it’s time to pack up, throw the rackets and balls into the bag and sling it over your shoulder for simple transportation; then, it’s time to enjoy playing.


  • Outstanding power.
  • A large sweet spot.
  • Greater control than the majority of starter rackets.
  • Fantastic for developing Topspin.


  • Not for higher-level intermediates.
  • It costs more than most beginner rackets.
  • Limited warranty.

HEAD Impulse Kids Tennis racket- Light Equilibrium Introductory Pre-Strung 


Over the ten years from 2011 to 2021, HEAD was the most successful racquet brand for men’s tennis, winning over 50% of the top trophies in the professional game. The racquets that various players, from the powerful Alexander Zverev to the all-around genius of Novak Djokovic, have endorsed have been used to win many trophies across the globe and on various court surfaces. One of the great choices for beginners is HEAD Impulse Kids Light Equilibrium Introductory Pre-Strung Tennis Racket.


This tennis racket, appropriate for children aged 4 to 8, has superb construction and helps players give their all on the court. Depending on your child’s height and ability level, you may select from various sizes ranging from 19 inches to 25 inches.


It also has a great headlamp balance to lessen tremors when the ball strikes its net. Despite the ball’s weight and impact energy, this ensures the racket stays steady during the whole game. The headlight balance of the youth tennis rackets aids in stabilization and resonance reduction when striking the ball.

Basic Parameters 

The racket weighs 180 grams or 6.3 ounces. The kids can handle the racket more effectively because of its small weight. It has an 81-inch head size. The racket measures 21 inches long and has a grip size of 3.875 inches. This particular set of characteristics makes the racket perfect for novices.


The Best Tennis Racket For Beginners has a better grip because of its aluminum o-beam structure, which is more flexible than normal rackets. For badminton rackets, aluminum’s light weight makes it the perfect material. Additionally, it can apply additional force to the tennis ball. Tennis racquets for these kids are used till they outgrow them.


  • A Stronger racquet than other beginner’s rackets.
  • Have great strength. 
  • Expanded sweet spot.
  • Decreased swing effort.


  • Limited control.
  • Other arm shock.
  • A weak string that a blow could break. 

27-inch HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket with Light Balance and Pre-Strung Head 


The Ti. Conquest is a great tennis racket for adult beginners who have a moderate swing and want greater control. The sturdy titanium alloy frame adds strength and stability with each attempt. Its big Head is the ideal option for new players who wish to get accurate shots immediately. The perfect racquet for casual players combines tremendous value and even more adaptability.

HEAD Performance

It has continuously pushed sporting goods into the current day. The company was founded to revolutionize how we ski and play tennis. HEAD only provides the best tennis gear for players of all skill levels.

Superb For Newcomers

The HEAD Ti Conquest leisure tennis racket is a great option for casual players of all ages. The larger sweet spot produced by the 108″ Head is fantastic for players still perfecting accuracy.

 Light Head Advantage 

The adolescent tennis racket has a head with a delicate equilibrium that aids in steadiness and resonance reduction when striking the ball.

Basic Parameters 

The frame of this adult tennis racket weighs 9.7 oz. and has a head measuring 108 inches. The ideal length is 27 inches. The racket’s grip measures 4.25 inches. Due to the racket’s unique characteristics, players can practice and play the game effectively on the ground.

Durable Titanium

The lightweight tennis rackets are made to last using durable Nano Titanium technology. Lightweight titanium. Thanks to this lightweight material, you’ll have more control and be able to swing more freely during a match. In this sense, you might not perceive as much power but see more control and spin.


  • This racket weighs little.
  • Provides enough Stiffness
  • Simple to use.
  • Improved handling and control.


  • Less robust.
  • A brief lifespan.
  • Restrictive Warranty.

STIGA Titan Crystal Technology Table Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

STIGA has been a pioneer in table tennis equipment innovation since 1944. Every device made by STIGA combines outstanding results with excellent craftsmanship. As a result, the best tools are available for everyone, from amateurs to professionals. That is the STIGA legacy.


The STIGA Titan table tennis racket is ideal for athletes wishing to better their game because it is made for tournament play. The Titan uses STIGA’s Crystal Innovation, which hardens the Blade for improved speed. It is made of ITTF-approved flat reversed rubber and an incredibly light balsa blade. The Titan has evaluations of 80 for speed, 77 for a spin, and 81 for control, thanks to its WRB Technology, which improves blade balance, recovery rate, and ball awareness.

Built For Success 

For players wanting to enhance their table tennis technique and for tournament play, the ITTF has authorized smooth reversed rubber.

Modern Technology 

A robust, light blade made with WRB and Crystal technologies from STIGA increases speed and achieves the ideal mix of dimensions, acceleration, and sensibility.

Lightweight construction

The Concave Pro handle and 5-ply, ultra-lightweight balsa blade provide a consistent velocity, spin, and grip distribution.

Basic Dimensions

The tennis racket weighs 159 grams in total. Tennis players can hold and manage the racket during play thanks to its lightweight. The racket measures 12 inches length, 7 inches breadth, and 3 inches height. The packaging’s length, width, and height are 10.43 inches, 1.18 inches, and 10.94 inches, respectively. The package weighs 0.19 kilograms. The racket’s distinctive size makes it the ideal piece of table tennis equipment.

Ideal Choice Of Players

The STIGA Titan is a good option if you’re looking for a leisure and competition-ready table tennis racket that won’t break the bank. Aspiring table tennis players should avoid it. The STIGA Titan is ideal for players with basic knowledge who wish to update the racket affordably because it has a moderate pace, spin, and control rating.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Good control.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • ITTF Accepted.


  • A speed enhancer is not a STIGA Titan.
  • This racket also needs to get a decent review for a spin generation.

Head Graphene Laser Oversize Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet


A great, lightweight racquet with Graphene technology and an oversized head to make it easier for intermediate and beginner players to find the sweet spot. Velocity Multifilament String pre-stringing improves the atmosphere on the court.

Head Performance 

Born out of reinventing how we ski and play tennis, HEAD has consistently pushed athletic apparel into the current era. As a result, HEAD only sells the top tennis equipment and gear for players of all skill levels.

Good Pre-Strung:

Tennis strings made of HEAD Velocity multifilament offer an arm-friendly feel with little vibration and impact on off-center strokes.

Graphene Technology: 

The throat has been integrated with an exceptionally sturdy Graphene material for added stability. Additionally, reducing vibration in the racket, the Graphene touch technology works to safeguard your arm as much as possible. You also gain from the unyielding spin because of the 16/19 string pattern. Combined with the large racket head, you must take the initiative and defeat your opponent.

Unique Parameters

The racket bundle measures 27 inches in length. It is 11.5 inches in width and 2 inches in height. The racket and its packaging each weigh 9.4 ounces and 0.32 kilograms. It is 4-1/4 in length and has a 4-1/4″ grip. Tennis players like the racket because of its unique characteristics.

Basic Parameters

The most widely used line of racquets from HEAD is likely the Speed series. It balances power and control and has the support of athletes like Novak Djokovic and Coco Gauff. It falls in the center of the HEAD racquets’ power level spectrum.


  • A sizable sweet spot.
  • Power and spin are well-balanced without compromising comfort.
  • Very steady.
  • Simple to manage.


  • Sometimes challenging to maneuver in its present condition.
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Costly as compared to other tennis rackets for beginners.

WILSON Adult Performance Tennis Rackets

Wilson’s favorite racket has always been this one. Although it possesses adequate pop, this stick is better renowned for its court-wide control. The Blade is ideal for players who can generate sufficient force independently but require a weapon with adequate control to swing as they wish. The service is the only significant drawback I’ve encountered with the Blade. It doesn’t come off as massive as with a Babolat or any of the other Wilson rackets. This racket is a player’s favorite: it is consistent on most shots and has a sufficient grip for everybody. 

Basic Parameters

This racket is noted for its unusual characteristics. It weighs 11.4 oz (323g), and the racket’s head size is 98 sq. inches. The racket offers swing weight and Stiffness of 328 and 62, respectively. It maintains the balance of 4 pts HL during play. These quality features of the racket make it the top pick racket,


The Blade 98L V6 reduces the popular 16×19 model’s weight for improved arm comfort and racket maneuverability. With the bright lime green pop at 3 and 9, this frame restores the original uncontaminated design, giving aggressive hitters greater flexibility and a better feel for the ball. The X2 Ergo handle, which was designed for an appealing two-handed grip, will be appreciated by two-handed forehand players.

Quality Material

For its weight, graphite is incredibly strong. It strikes the ideal balance of flexibility, rigidity, resonance absorption, resilience, strength, and lightweight. When using their racquets to play the game, many players like the distinctive feel of graphite. They can handle the racquet with more skill and have superior ball control. Because of these features, graphite is a common material for tennis racket handles.

Ideal Choice Of Most Beginners

A tennis racket with a lightweight frame that improves control and maneuverability is Wilson Blade 98L V6 Adult Competitive Tennis Racket. Its grip size is 0–4″, which offers better control during the game. The string bed reaction from parallel drilling is more reliable and forgiving. For a contemporary 2-handed backhand, an X2 Ergo-appropriate handle gives the best, customized feel. These unique features of the racket make it an ideal choice for most beginners.


  • It provides more power and spins when making groundstrokes. 
  • Easily controlled.
  • Increase stability.
  • Ideal for novices.
  • It is the Tennis Racket For Beginners


  • Limited warranty.
  • Not budget friendly.
  • Not good for intermediate players.

Buying Guide For Best Tennis Rackets

As a component of my best tennis rackets guidelines, I went into much more detail on the physics underlying tennis rackets, but let me quickly review:

Size of Racket-Head

The square inch or centimeter dimension of a tennis racket’s hoop determines the size of the Head. A bigger head size enhances the space for error since the stringbed is more considerable, making it easier to make excellent contact with the ball. As a result, it is more sturdy for off-center hits. Should you thus purchase the most significant head size possible? The racket is manageable and easy to move as you pass a certain point. As mentioned above, a minimum of 98 square inches and a maximum of 100 square inches for a novice pursuing competency.


A racket’s weight remains constant when placed on a set of scales. Merchants often state racket weight as the strung weight and manufacturers as the unstrung specifications. The most distinguishing feature of a tennis racket is its weight, and most novices are frequently advised to get a light noise since it will increase their power. But that is untrue.

The strength of the racket increases with its weight. Suppose everything else remains the same. But like head size, if the weight exceeds a certain level, you won’t be able to swing the racket as quickly or as far as you need to. But like head size, if the weight exceeds a certain level, you won’t be able to swing the racket as quickly or as far as you need to.

The heaviest racket a player can swing with equal ease on all planes of contact for many time they want to play with is the appropriate weight for them. It’s useless to be able to smoke winners for ten minutes before becoming exhausted. Most adult males can endure that 280g to 320g range without discomfort. The best action would be to test a few rackets that meet those requirements and see how they feel. 


A racket’s head weight is indicated by one of three letters: headlight (HL), head heavy (HH), or equal balance (EB). The measurements use a point system, such as 4 PTS HL, mm, or cm, such as a 31.2cm balance. Headlight makes it simpler to swing since more weight is placed on the frame’s handle.

When cutting wood, think of an axe and imagine turning it while holding it at the blade end. Higher power is available with head-heavy, but the wrist, elbow, and shoulder are subjected to far higher torque. Therefore, make sure your first racquet is headlight before making your selection. A headlight balancing frame is something that nearly every pro on the ATP circuit employs. Therefore, this is one place where you should imitate them.


This gauges a tennis racket’s swing weight and makes comparing different noises easier. It is expressed as a decimal number, as 343 kg/cm2. The balance and swing burden are closely related because the swing weight rises when the weight is moved away from the grip.

For instance, a racket with a stable weight of 350g could have a swing weight of 360g since the weight falls more toward the Head. Therefore, when examining a racket’s specifications, I suggest focusing on the headlight or head-heavy statistic before comparing the swing weights if you have two nearly identical noises.


A tennis racket’s rigidity or RA rating indicates how much flex it possesses. It is specified as a number, or 67. While a frame with increased bend will result in less power and, as a result, more control for a player, a stiffer racket will return more power or energy to the ball.

Focusing on Stiffness is unnecessary because most of it is a matter of taste. Although generally agreed upon that a sturdier frame is more rigid on the arm, this is not unambiguous.

String Pattern

The string pattern is the quantity of main, horizontal, and transverse strings on a tennis racket. The most prevalent string patterns are 1619, an open design, and 1820, a more secure way. A tighter string design offers better control, whereas an open string arrangement boosts power and spin. 

Grip Size

A grip size may be chosen when purchasing a tennis racket by gauging the handle’s diameter. 4 inches, 4 1/8 inches, 4 1/4 inches, 4 3/8 inches, 4 1/2 inches, 4 5/8 inches, and 4 3/4 inches are the sizes that they are available in.Use this Tennis Warehouse guide to determine the size of your grip. It’s simpler to make a grip larger than smaller, so if you need clarification or feel you fall between two grip sizes, choose the smaller one.

Tennis String

The tennis thread you use in your racket is one additional component to the intricate jigsaw; rather than going into the several available strings and their features and selecting one of the strings below: Wilson NXT, Solinco Vanquish, MSV Swift, Head Velocity MLT, Gamma Live Wire Expert, Kirschbaum Super Smash, and Tecnifibre Triax. Anyone playing the game should start with all five strings. They are not starter strings per se because many expert players also use them, but they are soft, comfortable for the arm, long-lasting, and affordable.

You will receive an unstrung racket if you choose one of the ones I’ve highlighted below. The majority of sellers, however, allow you to select a string and will string it for you before it arrives. Therefore, select one of the strings listed above with the recommended medium tension from the racket makers. For instance, if they advise stringing the racket between 50 and 60 pounds, do it at 55 pounds.

When you buy something from a physical retailer, they’ll frequently throw in a cheap string like Prince Synthetic Gut for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

How should a novice pick a tennis racket?

Tennis beginners should try to start with a light racket with a bigger head size, sometimes known as an “oversize” racket. This will enable them to continuously make touch with the ball and teach them how to rally without exhausting their arms as their muscles adapt to the sport.

When ought we to get a racket?

If you’re considering obtaining instruction, practice with a loaner racket for a few sessions first and ask your instructor for some racket recommendations. You can take note of the eight, then discuss which would work best for your game with your coach.

Should we first try out a racket?

Usually, try out a racket before buying it. Still, if you’re a complete newbie, it could be challenging to distinguish between different noises or figure out what you prefer. Of the eight rackets, any of the players could play with any of them if you put one of them in their hands.

How do you determine what tennis racket size to purchase?

Your tallest finger should be around a finger’s breadth away from your palm if the grip size of the racket is appropriate (see illustration below). You will require a more prominent grip size if the gap is too tiny and a smaller grip size if the gap is too large.

What tennis racquet is ideal for a female beginner?

Our top selections for women are the Head TI S6. This tennis racket offers a tonne of power by compacting the internet, and as you get better, they may help you add spin to your shots. We also looked at several additional viable possibilities above.

What exactly is a typical tennis racket?

The majority of tennis racquets are between 27 and 29 inches long. Therefore, an adult tennis racquet should be at least 27 inches long. Anything longer is referred to as expanded length.

What kind of pattern are tennis strings?

A “string pattern” combines the total number of cross strings and the number of leading lines. The most prevalent designs are 16 x 19, 16 x 20, and 18 x 18. A few exceptions to the rule state that the string pattern cannot be altered.

What constitutes a good tennis serve?

Its most crucial components are the regularity and command of a strong tennis serve. Powerful initial serves are advantageous, while second and ball control depends more on consistency than force. Power is how you decide where the ball falls and how it bounces.

Which weight racket is appropriate for women?

Our standard weight guideline for novices is between 9.5 and 10.2 ounces for ladies and between 10 and 10.9 ounces for males. Heavier racquets often produce more power, less torque, and better control.

 What does a light tennis racquet look like?

The typical weight of a racket is 300 grams or 10.6 ounces. Lightweight is defined as weighing no more than 285 grams (10 ounces).

Why are tennis racquets stiff? 

The amount a frame flexes when in contact with a ball is measured by the tennis racquet stiffness, a numerical number allocated to each racquet. When buying a tennis racquet, a player’s decision-making process might be aided by this measurement, which may appear random to a beginner.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, you’re developing the fundamental tennis technique that will enable you to advance in your game. The racket’s ease of use is a crucial component in this situation. Learning the proper methods is quite difficult when using a big noise, and you will experience few advantages.

Instead, you want a racket prioritizes comfort and maneuverability while providing the desired results. Remember that the beginner racket you wind up with will likely differ greatly from what television professionals use.

Buying is now comfortable for you because of our knowledge and comprehensive investigation. First, consider our ideas and usage examples, then decide which problem is most crucial to you. This will help you select since tennis rackets are available to everyone. So play tennis with them and enjoy.

1. Head Instinct children’s tennis racquet-A reasonable power balance is desired by developing junior and intermediate players. 

2. If beginner tennis player is looking for a comfortable and robust racquet, they might choose the Dunlop Sports FX Team Pre-Strung Tennis Racket.

3. Large Sweet Spot and Powerful Head Graphene Laser Oversized Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet is a fantastic option for beginners.

Choosing your beginning racket wisely should last you even as you keep improving your strokes. Ideally, your tennis will advance rapidly, and you will soon seek the finest intermediate noise.

In conclusion, choosing the best tennis racket for beginners is crucial in determining your overall performance on the court. Consider your playing style, level of expertise, and personal preferences before making your final decision. With these top-rated tennis rackets, you’ll find one that suits your game and helps you achieve your goals. So grab one of these tennis rackets for beginners and take your first step toward becoming a pro!

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